Didactics at the San Diego Writers Institute LLC are split between lessons on style and lessons on writing (articles, documents, and professional communications). All tessons are taught by Dr. Naveed Saleh and based on his works The Complete Guide to Article Writing (F+W Media/Writer's Digest Books) and The Writer’s Guide to Self-Editing (McFarland).

Dr. Saleh is widely recognized for his revolutionary approach to writing instruction--among other roles, he's a consultant with Writer's Digest and course developer and instructor at Writer's Digest University. His insights are both astute and easily understood. If you have a strong desire to learn how to write better, you should participate in this seminar.

Attendees who successfully complete the basic seminar series receive a letter of certification from the San Diego Writers Institute LLC and are invited to participate in advanced seminar series.

Seminars are held several times a year in luxury accommodations in San Diego. Feel free to contact us using our online submission form or call or e-mail us at (619) 289-9090 or