At the San Diego Writers Institute LLC, we help professionals improve their prose. We host weekend and week-long seminars focused on writing style, document writing, article writing and professional communications. All courses are designed and taught by Naveed Saleh, author of The Complete Guide to Article Writing (Writer's Digest Books) and The Writer’s Guide to Self-Editing (McFarland). Come learn to write better in America's Finest City!


Didactics at the San Diego Writers Institute LLC are split between lessons on style and lessons on writing (articles, documents, and professional communications). All lessons are taught by Naveed and based on his works The Complete Guide to Article Writing (F+W Media/Writer's Digest Books) and The Writer’s Guide to Self-Editing (McFarland).

Naveed is widely recognized for his revolutionary approach to writing instruction. Among other roles, he's a consultant with Writer's Digest and course developer and instructor at Writer's Digest University. His insights are both astute and easily understood. If you have a strong desire to learn how to write better, you should participate in the basic seminar series.

Attendees who successfully complete the basic seminar series receive a letter of certification from the San Diego Writers Institute LLC and are invited to participate in the advanced seminar series.

Seminars are held several times a year in luxury accommodations in San Diego. Feel free to contact us using our online submission form.


“Naveed Saleh brings a fine mind, a warm heart, and an impressive fund of knowledge to his writing and editing. I recommend him highly.”
— Barbara Gastel, MD, MPH, Coordinator of the MS Program in Science and Technology Journalism, Texas A&M University
I had the great good fortune to work with Naveed at the American Medical Student Association. As contributing writer to the magazine, The New Physician, Naveed produced superb content that engaged and inspired our readers and our staff.

Smart, personable, thorough, and engaging are just a few qualities that will impress you about Naveed. I was so impressed with him when he led the entire AMSA staff in a writing workshop. To this day, I still use his tip sheets and words of wisdom about effective writing.
— Meeghan De Cagna, former Interim Executive Director at the American Medical Student Association
As a scientist, I appreciate Naveed’s scientific sensibility and logical and organized approach to writing. He has a deep knowledge of style and composition and the ability to make prose engaging. He also does an excellent job of explaining his work and articulating the writing process.

As the owner of a biotechnology company, I appreciate Naveed’s understanding of business communications and presentations and how to engage the business and professional community. I’ve found Naveed to be capable of writing or editing anything. He is a premier writing consultant and coach. He’s also sympathetic, forthright, and honest.
— Nikou A. Hessami, DVM, PhD, VP, Technical Operations and owner of Molecular Diagnostic Services, Inc., San Diego, CA
Naveed is an excellent writer and writing coach. He has not only helped me with business-related documents and professional communications but also taught me much about the art and practice of writing. I highly recommend Naveed for all your writing needs.
— Omar Hasan, financial consultant
Naveed has the unique ability to get into your mind and figure out your writing needs. He can recognize your needs even when you can’t. Naveed is also very easy to work with. He’s able to connect with you in a way that puts you at ease. He can write anything, and he can teach you to write anything.

I have learned so much from Naveed with respect to grammar, punctuation, word usage, and more. Furthermore, I have referred friends and colleagues to Naveed, and they’ve been very pleased with his work. Naveed can help your writing influence its target audience and reach its goal whether professional or personal. Naveed is the perfect writer, editor and writing coach. He was designed to do this work.
— Kianoush Javaheri, MD, Sharp Healthcare, San Diego, CA
Dr. Naveed Saleh played an instrumental role in improving my writing style, enabling me to more effectively interact with and engage the reader. His extensive experience in writing across a diverse spectrum of media provides his clients with an invaluable opportunity to convey their thoughts and ideas to the target audience in different writing platforms. Thank you Dr. Saleh for your genuine dedication to improving the writing skills of your clients and helping us discover our hidden talents and potential.
— Sriram Chandran, MD, family medicine


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